Commercial Defeasance Verification

We provide independent verification of commercial mortgage defeasance transactions (CMBS, CME, or other loans). Our Verification professionals are well respected with over 20 years of trusted experience. We are industry leaders that consistently provide quick turn-around and accurate results within your budget while ensuring a timely and smooth closing. 

Commercial Defeasance

Commercial mortgage loans are securitized or sold into mortgage-backed investment securities. When Borrowers would like to prepay these loans, they are often faced with a significant prepayment penalty. Defeasance provides an alternative to such prepayment by allowing investment securities to be purchased sufficient enough to pay the remaining scheduled loan payments. This in turn allows for the release of the mortgage loan and property sale. Given the fast moving parts and importance of ensuring the accuracy of original loan history, payments necessary for the future loan payoff and escrow sufficiency, our experienced professionals provide the necessary independent cost-effective timely verification for these key transactions.

Independent mathematical procedures typically involve: 

  • Original loan history amortization verification;
  • Modified loan to payoff verification;
  • Verification of escrowed investment securities; and
  • Escrow cash sufficiency verification

Quality Service Tailored to your Business Needs

The Commercial Defeasance Verification services are managed by Gregory A. IchelRussell E. Moore and Laura D. Figueroa. We are here to help you every step of the way. Please contact us to request a complimentary fee quote or to answer questions you may have.