Required Schedules & Documents for Mathematical Verification

Schedules Needed for Mathematical Verification:

  1. Sources and Uses of Funds;
  2. Debt Service Requirements for Refunding Bonds;
  3. Pricing Summary for Refunding Bonds (interest rates and yields/prices);
  4. Proof of Arbitrage Yield on the Refunding Bonds;
  5. Debt Service Requirements of Each Refunded Bond Issue to Maturity;
  6. Debt Service Requirements of Each Refunded Bond Issue to Early Redemption;
  7. Cost of the Escrow Securities (including price and accrued interest for each security);
  8. Receipts from the Escrow Securities;
  9. Escrow Sufficiency; and
  10. Proof of Yield to Receipt on the Escrow Securities.

Documents Needed for Pricing

  1. Official Statement or other document for bonds to be refunded which includes:

a. Maturity dates and amounts
b. Interest rates
c. Early redemption provisions
d. Official title of issue (including total principal amount of issue)
e. Dated date of issue
f. Purpose of issue

  1. Preliminary Official Statement for new issue, and
  2. Distribution List.

Documents Needed to Release Final Report

  1. Final Official Statement;
  2. Copy of preliminary SLGS application form with proof of date subscribed, if applicable;
  3. Copy of final signed SLGS subscription forms, if applicable; and
  4. Copies of trade confirmations, if applicable.