Documents for Arbitrage Rebate Computations

Documents (as applicable)

  1. Official Statement or Private Placement Memorandum
  2. Certificate as to Arbitrage or Tax Agreement
  3. IRS Form 8038
  4. Verification Report
  5. Prior Rebate Calculations
  6. Schedule of actual Debt Service Payments – Variable Rate Bonds
  7. Qualified guarantees and hedge amounts
  8. Trust or bank statements (or electronic equivalent) indicating detailed investment activity for Computation Period.

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The Arbitrage Rebate Practice is managed by H. Troy Merrill, and Gregory A. Ichel. We offer quality services tailored to your business needs at very competitive rates. Please contact us to request an independent (no-cost/no-obligation) fee quote or to answer questions you may have.  Generally, all that is needed and most useful for a fee quote is the initial IRS Form 8038 and Tax Agreement.